Saturday, February 27, 2010

banjir + buta + IPAC 2010

26 feb 2010 jumaat
never thought that this day will be come so tiring.unusual day of mine.
last night my friend,amin was here
after he attended the tafsir at IIUM Mosque with her sis*i could imagine if i were u* haha
amin stay at my room until this afternoon befora he went to his house
then a day so call today continue with the rhythm
next at 3pm i had met with Aisyah for the explorace proposal discussion
next met jiha to gave her a copy of angklung checklist which i had forgot for almost more then ten time OMG
currently i"m desperatley affected by alzheimer*this is joke**no laughing please*
then at 5pm,we*me n cik pipi* went to kl sentral
there were so heavy raining outside,indeed banjir ok dekat stesen bus tu huh
while in the lrt,one couple which is blind and rabun
they was so awesome for me
their dialogue,simple but their expression and tone was so romantic perhaps
i donno,it just sound so silly but it's amazing for me

lelaki:tadi abang makan belacan tau dekat kedai tu,tapi abg memang xmakan belacan
perempuan:owh ye?so pedas x bang?
lelaki:tak*Sambil tersenyum*

so how?maybe it is a common talk but if u was there,u'll know

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