Sunday, October 11, 2009

-sepi angin berlalu-

while listening to
"malam bulan dipagar bintang" by p.ramlee and saloma
the greatest singer ever after
i was thinking of updating my little blog here
last night i had my training for next Tuesday show at convest hill
i guess i really enjoy the training
as i could follow the flow
thank q for helping in "ketipang payung" song
i really lose in that song
dunno why may be bcoz i need to bring payung to hahahaha
today nothing happen
just adam call me and want me to accompany him to one of my frenz open house
but i refuse to joint bcoz a lot of work need to be settle down by me today
huhu really sorry adam
hope u enjoy your open house over there
and sorry also for nisah i couldnt be your actor for ur class drama
i guess i a little big shy in that case
serious guy!!!!
when it come to acting i really hate it so much
becoz acting is not my passion at all
unless beyonce is there to be my heroin
in your dream iswadi idris~
today i learn something
we cant control our emotion just our action
is it rigth guy?
or i wrongly say it
until now see you again minna-san


Luna said...

Yes and no. We can actually learn how to control emotion. It's just most of the time, we don't want to.

aYuNi said...

dis en3 was so funny la mr wady..hakhakhak~ yup..ayu setuju sebab...ayu rasa emosi yang kontrol action kte...hehehe~

QuantumDecipher said...

hey..nice blog..for me kan, we have to act, and really need to act in order to adapt with the indescribable circumstances..+_+ check out my blog for further gOsip liar..i did wrote sumthing bout "acting" kind of topic (the two-side reflection in us)..

Takamine Kyomaro said...

q-yup that rite q , sometime we do let the ignorance take care of ourselves huhu

ayu-ya betul tu ayu,bila emosi x stabil maka action pun hmmmm~ faham2 la kan

quantumdecipher-tq....owh i will fly to your blog rite now....hahahaha...wait for me....i'm coming!!!!