Tuesday, March 31, 2009


just reach my room
feel so sad
i just back from the IIUM clinic
I meet the doctor to know the blood test result
he inform me that they found something
but not sure yet
they said it might be related to TALESEMIA
hopefully not la
the doctor ask me to do the blood test againt tomorrow
to check either the result is true or not
but this time the blood will be sent to outside
to be test
really sad
today i can't answer the CAD test goodly
i don't what happen to me
last night i work verry hard just to finish my CAD project
really tired
and this is the picture
my part is to draw the fan's blade

view from the back

view from front
look like simple rigth?
but it take me more than 4 hours to finish it
really tension
but what to do
just do la
my work
tomorrow i'm going to seat for my tilawah test
wish me luck ya!!
while writing this i;m listening to the song "wajah"
by jaclyn victor
i don't why
when i listen to this song it kind like inspiring me
really sad
"ya ALLAH kuatkan lah ak dlm menghadapi dugaan dariMu,
jadikanlah ak org2 yg tabah dan redha di jalanMU"


Scarred Soul said...

It happened to me on the finals, last sem...

This blood test thingy.

Risau kan?

Hope everything turns out well for you.

As it turns out well for me.

Cheers~~ :)

TeNgKu JoHaRi said...

sangat risau
nway thanks
may allah bless u
gud luck 4 final too

emy said...

jgn fikirkan sgt..pe kata ko xyah wat 2nd blood test tue dulu before exam..huhu

TeNgKu JoHaRi said...

ntahla emy
kalu xwat lg la ak risau
xpe la

insyaallah semuanya ok
doakan lah ak

aYuNi said...

wahuhu~ sian nye die. tp jgn risau..semua 2 ada hikmah.. xbahaya tuh.. (: jwb exam lelok k!

TeNgKu JoHaRi said...

to ayuni:insyaALLAH nway tq for d wish.gud luck too for d job that u apply