Monday, March 30, 2009

-MiSsiOn aCcOmPLisH-

i just reach my room at zubair
by walking
huh really tired today
after struggling for my OOP project
and guess what
i did it
yes alhamdulillah
praise be to ALLAH
i really feel happy right now
walaupun penat nak mati ni
i hate so much this subject
lets take a look on my project output
actually benda ni moving
tp kalau nak run kat cini
kena ada softwarenye
so tngok je la pic yg i snap ni ha
walaupun nampak cam senang
tp percaya lah
its takes a month at least to make u pening kepala plus migrain
but i really enjoy it
flow pic ni dari atas ke bawah
to see the movement of the car
ready to go
go up first

go incline the road
go up againt
finish at the blue house

that it
a journey to the house
by engineering student
credict to Dr.Sachi Arafat,my lecturer


Scarred Soul said...

Good luck for your finals Wady!



TeNgKu JoHaRi said...

tq timah for d wish n tq for the ziarah
anda kini di link

aYuNi said...

hoho~ tahniah buat anda kerana berjaya! tapi xbpe nak paham konsep pic neh..hehe~

TeNgKu JoHaRi said...

to ayuni:tq2 haha ni programming,sepatutnya objek ni brgerak rp kena ad softwarenya so pic je la yg leh letak kat cini