Friday, March 27, 2009

-HiPoKrAsi LuNaTiK-

just coming back from the mosque
for the jumaat prayer
odw to my room
i saw rashid n zakwan at my mahallah
n then i say hye to both of them
no mood to start a long conversation
i really don't have the mood
after waiting for my fren
for a very long time
and he doesn't appear at all
let forget about it
cheer myself up
b4 going to the mosque
i had my lunch at zubair's cafe
a simple menu as usual
eating while watching the tv is my routine
for everyday
suddenly there is video clip on the tv
guess what?
a song titled iktiraf
by who?
by malaysian singer
very "awsom" for me
anuar zain and ruffedge,
ina naim,misha omar,wahida,ezlyn and ella
really fantastic
so take a look at the video ON TOP OF MY PAGE
i really teruja tngok ella
really nice
really sincere
for me
for the first time watch the video
i feel like
they are hipokrit
but when i look for the next time
i feel like it was like myself
where people
telling and yelling
me myself are hipokrit
yes i do admit
i'm hipokrit
but i've my purpose of being such that attitude
and i want to question back to all person who say that i was such a hipokrit
do you really think you are not like me toO?
i mean hipokrit
thiNk twice
at least do you hipokrit to yourself?
ALLAH the all knowing
fear of ALLAH

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i luv this post...