Thursday, May 7, 2009

~SeJuK CaMeRoN PaRt 10~

today i work at 3pm
so now is time to update new post here
yesterday a lot of thing happen here
something unexpected happen
but why???
and what?
no need to know because you all will not understand
but what i can said about it is
all about human being
about behaviour
about hypocrasy
about lying
about malay sindrom as what tun mahathir always said
i'm not affected but i'm curious
why human act like this?
may be ALLAH want me to think
about the greatness of HIM
masyaALLAH subhanALLAH
while writing this i still thinking
sometime we act on the way that others don't like
but why?
is it our choice?
or something to do with destiny?
~Maha Suci ALLAH apakah ini hidayah dariMU?~

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