Saturday, May 9, 2009

~SeJuK CaMeRoN PaRt 12~

now i just get myself
to be here
to say something before today gone from my angle of life
today one customer come to me
and she complain about some service in the hotel
she really nice
the way she talk
calm and cool
but believe or not
her age i guess around 60yrs old
i really agree with her
this hotel need to be improove
but how?
it's not mine huhuhu
thanks aunty for the comment
and on the other side lak
yesterday untill tomorrow
we have a guest from
pejabat belia dan sukan pengkalan hulu,perak
they have a course
most of them are teenagers
i look a way they act
really sad,look like they need more help
from who?
from us the khalifah of ALLAH
and tomorrow is Mother's day
to my mum really love and miss you so much
~may ALLAH bless you mum~

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